Microsoft Offers Discount on Windows 10 Non-Expert Certification

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today announced a limited discount on the new Windows 10 Non-Expert Certification course. The announcement came during a press conference at the software giant’s Redmond headquarters, followed by a complimentary buffet of Tang breakfast drink and genuine Racine, Wisconsin Kringle.

Microsoft spokesperson Raoul Smyth-Paddington detailed the new course in a five minute PowerPoint presentation that nearly set a new record with three system lock-ups (narrowly missing the record set by the famous Windows for Microwave Ovens announcement of 1997, which finished with only two crashes).

Mr. Smyth-Paddington highlighted the course syllabus and displayed several of the licensed products displaying the new Certification logo including two styles of coffee mugs, a mousepad, and retro-eighties leg warmers. Prices have not yet been confirmed for these products.

He then finished up with this statement: “Let’s face it, you’re sitting at a computer all day, everyone and their damn cousin figures you must be some sort of expert or something. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Windows PC or a Mac. Even that linux thing. Hell, you could be sitting at a damned Amiga and they’ll still come to you with their inane Windows questions. I mean, look at my situation. I just sit up here reading prepared statements, and my own mother is calling me at least once a week trying to get her Solitaire re-configured. It can be a painful situation. We at Microsoft recognize this dilemma, and are being proactive in assisting our valued community of non experts.”

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The 25-lesson course, normally priced at $695, will be available vis the Microsoft Developer X-Boxy Distributor Variety Pack Channel for the announced discounted price of $689.95 through December 12, 2016.

While full details of the course have yet to be announced, a sample lesson previewed to reporters consisted mainly of selected scenes from the BBC sitcom The IT Crowd, followed by questions on which wardrobe selection best suited regular character Jen Barber’s on-screen personality.

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