Depressed Green Bay fans find solace in new PackerMon Go App


Little Chute, WI:

In an effort to offer depressed Pack fans a healthy alternative to beer and cheese binging, local software giant Mom’s Basement Productions (NASDAQ: MoMBP) has introduced a new interactive enhanced reality game for smartphones, PackerMon Go. Within a week of its release the game has become a phenomenal best seller, breaking many previous on-line sales records.

Our own Flying Car News Team attended the recent product rollout. In a packed press conference in the family TV room, founder and CEO Skip “Flipster” Skronk went over the motivation and development history of this unique new game.

“Hey I had to do, like, something dramatic, you know? Dad had not left this room for three weeks, and was burning through my college fund ordering craft beers and stinky imported cheeses every day. The funk in this room was totally epic. And it wasn’t the cheese. Mom was going postal and threatening to leave, Dad was close to losing his job, and, like, I’ve got a sweet setup in the basement. I’m not trading that for a tiny bedroom in some crappy apartment just because some football team is having a screwed year! So I wired up this app. And right now Dad’s running all over town looking for the PerryChu and trying to open a new online Training Camp, Mom can have her Avon parties again, and I don’t have to listen to the constant thud of Dad up here slamming his head against the wall. The 2.5 million bucks in download sales of the game so far, is pretty sweet, too.”


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