‘Tickle Me Adolf’ Named Most Inappropriate Toy for Second Year


Little Chute, WI:

The International Society for The Protection of Fun Time today released their much-anticipated Annual List of Inappropriate Toys for The Christmas Season, and KinderBund GMbH of Stuttgart Germany, again tops the list with their controversial Tickle Me Adolf interactive plush doll.

“Originally, we figured the doll would drop a few spots this year'” said Skip “Bubbles” Ulstramonn, President of the society. “But then we got this year’s evaluation model, and well, we didn’t think it could go any darker but they did it. If you rub the doll’s tummy it now sings “Nein Nein Nein, you naughty Jewess fräulein!” I for one, feel that’s totally inappropriate for the suggested age range of four to nine years old.”

Other list-toppers this year include:

  • My First Lead Abatement activity kit
  • Ouija Babies plush dolls
  • My First Endoscopy activity kit
  • Uncle Jared’s Touching Tales children’s book series
  • My First Distillery activity kit
  • Tiny Tots Glass Blowing Kit activity kit
  • Hungry Hungry Bitches! action game
  • Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Racists action game
  • NAHTZI! dice / board game
  • HoeZ fashion dolls
  • Plausible Deniability board game
  • My First Colostomy Bag activity kit
  • Whack-A-Baby-Harp-Seal action game
  • Spit-Toonz Phlegm Art activity kit
  • My First Botox activity kit
  • Silly Sameer the Exploding Jihadist action figure
  • The Game of Misogyny! board game
  • Lil Wardenz Federal Penitentiary Play Set
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