Alex Jones to Introduce Family-Friendly Conspiracy Theories

New co-hosts, The Bildeberg Bears

Austin, Texas:

In reaction to sagging audience numbers for both his radio and video outlets, often-incendiary conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has announced a complete “Family-Friendly” makeover encompassing all elements in his media empire, a company spokesmodel announced today.

Changes to The Alex Jones Show radio program include a new humorous “Whad’ya Think They Know?” audience participation segment, where show callers compete for prizes by citing their funniest example of government oppression, as determined by a panel of celebrity judges.

The make-over planned for Jones’ Infowars youtube broadcasts and website are somewhat more drastic. The existing cast of like-minded co-hosts are being replaced by The Bildeberg Bears, a collection of cute hand puppets with goofy personalities, designed to take the edge off of discussions of chemtrails and FEMA internment camps.

New regular segments are being introduced to expand the audience reach of the video program. These include “Cooking with Ashes”, an end-times themed cooking segment, and “Hate Couture”, a fashion segment focusing on stylish use of tin foil and body armor.



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