After Burger Franchise Exit, Ronald McDonald Accepting Appointment in Trump Administration

ronald mc trump

New York City, NY:

In a brief joint appearance this morning in front of Trump Tower, President-Elect Donald Trump and former McDonalds mascot and spokesman Ronald McDonald announced Mr. McDonald’s acceptance of a non-cabinet position within the incoming Trump Administration.

While not obtaining a Cabinet level appointment, Mr. Trump stated that the former food clown would play a “pivotal role” serving as a liaison between the FDA, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture and the general public. The position was referred to by Mr. Trump as the first “Food McCzar”.

A twitter post issued this morning by McDonalds Corporation (NYSE: MCD) was brief and upbeat:

“We are very pleased to see Ronald choosing to continue with this new chapter in his long and illustrious career. We wish him the best in this venture, and fully expect to hear nothing but good news in his new appointment.”

Other former members of the fast food giant’s promotional team expressed disappointment. Long-time political figure Mayor McCheese, while officially retired, continues to act as an advisor to the current McDonaldLand administration. He tweeted his response this morning:

“WTF? Really? I brought 50 years of public service to the table and you chose the clown?!?”



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