Trump Declares ‘Super Sunday’ a National Holiday

Washington, DC:

In a surprise announcement this morning President Trump, flanked by members of the opposing teams in today’s Super Bowl contest, signed an executive order declaring the first Sunday in February to be henceforth officially referred to as ‘Super Sunday’ and immediately be added to the roster of national holidays.

The signing ceremony was brief and the President declined to take questions, stating “These boys and I are leaving on a jet plane – ’cause we’re ready for some football!

When asked after the ceremony, if there was any connection between the surprise declaration and the nearly simultaneous introduction of Trump-branded ‘Super Gridiron Steaks’, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer replied, “Balderdash. That’s a huge stretch. I seriously can’t even believe you even went there.”

Reaction from the Baseball and Basketball lobbies was immediate and negative, with spokespeople from both groups vowing to start working for a court stay of new executive order.


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