iRobot introduces BOOMba as Cost Effective Military Drone

boomba battle droneBedford, MA:

Well known for their line of domestic and outdoor cleaning robots, trend-setting iRobot Corporation (NASDAQ:IRBT) announced via press release the availability of the BOOMba military land drone, as a cost-effective alternative to traditionally pricey war automata. The target market is struggling third-world nations priced out of the established battle drone market.

“This is a move back to our roots,” states iRobot co-founder and current CEO Colin Angle. “We originally came out of MIT, doing weaponized robot research for the Defense Department. We’ve also recently developed robots for the US Military, namely the PackBot and SUGV. With this step we’ve blended our experience with the needs of the military community and our expertise in mass producing low-cost, high quality hardware.”

The BOOMba is described as ‘a massively upscaled roomba chassis‘ measuring 2.5 meters in diameter. The undercarriage and transmission are a radical new “all terrain” design. The unit comes standard with a twin barrel 30mm articulated rapid fire turret with 12 ‘mission-specific‘ types of ammunition available.

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