‘SmartRug’ Introduced For The Connected, Devout Muslim

smart-rugDearborn, MI:

Religious specialty tech firm DogMatica, well known for innovative devices such as the Bluetooth Rosary and the Digital Menorah, today announced the availability of the SmartRug 2.0. A broadband enabled, Android-based prayer rug which also includes GPS and integrated magnetic compass for accurate alignment with Mecca from any location and environment.

Carrying an MSRP of $379.95, the internet-savvy prayer mat is currently available in 12 different traditional patterns. A custom pattern option is also available for an additional $120. Other features include a headphone jack, bluetooth connectivity and an international wall charger.

Additionally, the SmartRug 2.0 includes apps to connect via bluetooth to a Nintendo Wii™, allowing the device to double as an intelligent yoga mat with multiple pressure sensors relaying data back to the tethered console.



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