Millions Unaware, Decades of Mysterious Transmissions

secret-transmissionsSecret bunker near Schawumpta, WI (Exact Location Undisclosed):

Few people today are aware of one of the most secretive and pervasive Psy-Op activities that has been continuing uninterrupted, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, for the past century.

Audio and video signals have been secretly, continuously broadcast. For what purpose? These signals are continually passing through our bodies and our brains. It’s not hard to see the thought-control possibilities here. And what nefarious effect could these signals have on the broadband and cellphone services we all depend upon?

These mysterious signals have been broadcast around the globe for decades, even over a century in some cases.

Perhaps more alarming, is the fact that interspersed regularly within these mystery signals are alluring persuasions to purchase particular products and services, endorse specific viewpoints, even support questionable political policies.

Don’t believe me? It’s easy to prove it to yourself. There have been easily obtainable devices around for year, obviously used as monitoring tools by those in control. Take a trip to your local second-hand store and look for something euphemistically referred to an ‘AM Radio‘. Don’t ask the staff for help, as they’ve likely been clued in. You may also need to purchase batteries for the device, as they were generally designed to be both portable and easily hidden away from unauthorized eyes. When you activate the device, I’m sure you’ll be as horrified as I to hear the messages being broadcast. And this has been going on for a CENTURY!



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