DOD Shocker: Nation’s Stockpile of MOABs Stored Under Overpasses For Almost a Decade

underpass-moabThe Pentagon, Washington DC:

Officials at the Pentagon are still in free-fall spin mode today, still neither confirming nor denying the reports and photos related to the Massive Ordinance Mobility Initiative (MOMI), which appears to be a long-running program of storing the MOAB and other high-explosive ordinance under busy highway overpasses at least ten miles outside the perimeter of major military bases located in the continental U.S.

Documents leaked from an anonymous source detail MOMI operations over the past nine years, as the massive armaments were regularly shuttled under cover of night from one overpass to another. Several photographs accompanied the leaked documents.

One Pentagon official who wishes to remain unidentified told our own Flying Car News Team that there was no cause for the public to be alarmed. “Hey this is a mostly completely safe option for protecting these military assets, OK? No one was looking for them there, until you busy-bodies got involved! God knows where we’re gonna keep these beasts now.”

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