In Bold Cross-Branding Move, Pepsi to Introduce Burrito Flavored Cola

burrito-flavored-pepsiPurchase, NY:

After promising initial results from a recent cross-branding test, PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP) today announced its intention to roll out further cross-branded products, primarily from the bubbly behemoth’s lucrative Taco Bell subsidiary.

“We’re pleased, very pleased indeed, with our first little test product,” said PepsiCo Vice President of Mixology, Armond Pepper in a brief press conference at the company headquarters. “we did a very quiet rollout, very hush-hush, of our new Pepsi FIRE spicy cola. We kept the cross-branding to our delicious Taco Bell brand FIRE hot sauce, as a bit of an inside joke, as it were. People are just beginning to catch on to that.”

The first of the cross-branded products will be the new Pepsi BEEF, a beef burrito flavored soft drink. Expect to see it on the shelves later this month.

When asked by our own Flying Car News Team what other cross-brand products PepsiCo plans to introduce, Mr. Pepper gave us a sly wink and an evil little grin. “Oh I think you’ll be pleased about what’s coming down the pike. I’ll let you in on a little secret, our next roll-out will be for a chicken burrito flavored cola. We had hoped to do a simultaneous introduction, but the gang over at the lab found getting the chicken flavor just right was a bit more … challenging. But you can bet dollars to carbonates, you’ll see it real soon now!”



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