Reacting to Negative Circus Image, Cookie Company Rebrands Flagship Product As ‘Safari Crackers’


Schawumpta, WI:

Local baked goods company The Krazee Kookie Kompany (NASDAQ: KKK) today announced a major rebranding of it’s premium Circus Animal Parade cracker brand with a new look and name.

The tasty treats for tots will now be sold as Buster The Hunter’s Safari Crackers, with newly designed kid-targeted packaging.

“We are a responsible, and responsive company.” company PR flack Roberta Pleekmann told our own Flying Car News Team in a telephone interview. “We’ve been monitoring the public images of circus related themes very closely, as you can well imagine. We needed to move in a new direction that reflects this great country’s changing values. But we are also committed to projecting a wholesome, fun image. And frankly, it was a pretty easy choice. What could be more entertaining than a wild hunting adventure?”

When asked if there were any additional changes to the product, Ms Pleekmann replied, “Oh goodness yes! We’re adding two new shapes to our menagerie, a silver-back gorilla and a white rhino. We feel that really balances out the cracker presentation to our customers in a fashion fitting to our new brand and theme.”


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