New Self-Help Book Promotes ‘The Power of Positive Delusion’

power-of-positive-delusionSchawumpta, WI:

Local motivational speaker and author Leon Schneppl (who writes under the pen name of ‘Anton LaFondue’) has just published a new book in his self-help series. The title of his latest tome, sitting alongside earlier works such as ‘Beating Your Chest to Success!‘ and ‘Shoe Sizes of the Rich and Famous‘, is ‘The Power of Positive Delusion‘.

The book is being published and distributed by Mr. Schneppl’s private publishing house Baleen Press, and will be available via Amazon and the Alex Jones InfoWars online store.

Mr. Schneppl is excited about the hoped-for impact the new book will have, as he told our own Flying Car News Team in a recent interview at the Beer’N’Steer. “Let’s face it. Up until now you needed religion, politics or psychoactive drugs to attain this level of delusional bliss. But now I can offer it to the masses, at a fraction of the cost of those older methods!”


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