In Wake of Prop 65 Complaints, California Warning Labels Found To Be Highly Carcinogenic

carcinogenic-warning-labelSacramento, CA:

California’s often-maligned Proposition 65 (officially The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986) took another hard knock today, when it was learned that the state’s biggest preferred vendor of officially worded warning labels was in fact, producing the labels from several highly carcinogenic materials.

U-Goh-Wei-Nao Printing, LTD of Beijing, China was originally awarded the preferred vendor status in 1995, during a goodwill visit to China by then-Governor of California Pete Wilson. With the aid of the company being listed in numerous state produced documents and bulletins regarding the Proposition, the printing firm is estimated to produce nearly 67% of the various versions of paper, cloth and adhesive labels required by all manufacturers located in, or hoping to sell their goods in, The Golden State.

The first shocker was a report issued earlier earlier this month by Utah based material analysis company Exo-Chem in which they state that out of several thousand samples of all the various types of warning labels produced by the company, all were found to contain ‘significant’ amounts of carcinogenic substances in the ink used to produce the labels.

A second blow came this week with the release of an investigative documentary which included evidence that for nearly a decade, the principal supplier of paper to U-Goh-Wei-Nao Printing, LTD has been harvesting trees from an immense, now-dead forest in mainland China that surrounds the country’s most extensive nuclear test site.

The California State Legislature has been in an all-hours closed session since July 5th, reportedly finalizing an amendment to the Act which will require an appropriately worded warning label to be ‘conspicuously affixed’ to the original warning label.


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