Following Success of The ‘Money Fight’, Mayweather’s Next Bout to be Against Green Bay Packers

mayweather-vs-green-bay-packersLas Vegas, NV:

Following quickly on the financial success of his recent cross-discipline bout with UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor, boxing promoter and retired professional boxing champion Floyd Mayweather used twitter this morning to announce a new challenger he will soon face in the ring: The Green Bay Packers.

Our own Flying Car News Team talked with Mayweather’s promotions manager Stephan Slipworthy shortly after the boxing champion’s early morning twitter announcement. Enthusiasm for the match appeared to be high, but details were slim in the offering.

“We are having talks with representatives of the NFL and the Packers organization, in order to determine the middle ground that this tournament will be combated upon,” said Mr. Slipworthy. “Our common goal is a fusion of the two sports disciplines that offers an entertaining arena experience, yet is fair to both styles of play.”


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