‘Russian Hackers Corrupted My Data!’ Claims Armageddon Predictor

armageddon-hackedSecured, Undisclosed Location (Possibly Cleveland):

Licensed Christian Numerologist (LCN) David Meade, who caused an international ripple with his recent claim that the Earth would collide with ‘hidden’ planet Nibiru on September 23, 2017, has issued a new statement regarding the apparent lack of Apocalypse on the day after: Russian hackers have been modifying and corrupting his collected research data for years.

In a podcast via his website today, the author of several doomsday tomes said he has ‘definitive evidence’ that a concerted effort was made by a Russian hacking group to alter the data substantiating his prediction. The evidence will be presented in an upcoming book, according to Mr. Meade.

“Let’s face it. There are ‘Doomsday Deniers‘ out there who will stop at nothing to keep the facts from the public. Absolutely nothing. Why do you think I’ve gone to such great lengths to hide my own location, and academic credentials? These people are absolutely ruthless!”

Mr Meade stated that a new End Times event date will be published soon, once he has reworked his newly disinfected data to support the conclusion.




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