‘Political Awareness’ Component to be Part of Deliberation for Awarding The Oscars

oscar-politicalBeverly Hills, CA:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced the first global change in their voting system in well over a decade, during a press conference held yesterday afternoon at the Academy’s swank Wilshire Boulevard address.

In the announcement made by Academy CEO Dawn Hudson, a new ‘Political Awareness Scale‘ was described, to be part of the voting in all acting categories after the initial nominations, starting in 2018. Voters will be asked to rate each acting candidate on a scale of one to ten on the candidate’s awareness and involvement in political issues.

“Despite some people’s perceptions, we are a dynamic, community driven organization,” Ms Hudson stated. “And as such, every once in a while we have to ruffle our own feathers and shake the dust off, in order to stay relevant. And our fans, the little people who we provide entertainment, inspiration and hope to, have let us know it’s time for some change.”

Ms Hudson went on to describe further aspects of the new change in Oscar voting. “We are just so excited to add the spectrum of Political Awareness, or ‘Wokefullness‘ as we like to call it here, to the gleaming golden little man of hope that is Oscar®. And we are implementing this in a completely unbiased, non-partisan fashion. No one has to display their party card at the door, so to speak. We know how to take care of the troublemakers later.”



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