‘Fantasy Reboot’ App Allows Fans to ‘Re-Imagine’ Their Favorite Shows

captain-fifeSchawumpta, WI:

Local AI and Gaming software company Worst Robot, Inc. (NASDAQ: WoRo) today introduced an exciting new addition to their line of computer games and applications.

Named ReBootzi, the application will take an episode of any TV program (which must be inserted as a licensed DVD) and a series of natural language questions inputed by the user, and ‘revisualizes‘ the original episode to match the new conditions proposed by the user.

The application uses advanced new proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, as well as online connections to a database hosted by Worst Robot as well as additional sources such as The Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Worst Robot CEO Nelson J. Slackenmore gave a brief demonstration of the new application during a press conference at the Schawumpta Family Bakery this morning. After loading a DVD of the Star Trek™ episode The Trouble with Tribbles, he typed in the question ‘What if Barney Fife (of The Andy Griffith Show) had been the captain of the USS Enterprise?‘.

The computer quietly processed this request over the next hour, as our own Flying Car News Team and other members of the press snacked on kringle, courtesy of the 10% Off coupons graciously provided by Worst Robot. The resulting comical reboot was enjoyed by all present, save for two incensed journalists from a regional Star Trek™ fanzine, who stormed out ten minutes into the episode, screaming vows for revenge in the Klingon language.

After the showing, Mr. Slackenmore presented further details of the new software. “We are very proud of our team, who put their heart and soul into this project.” he said. “The Artificial Intelligence technology we developed for this application is incredibly advanced, I’d daresay surpassing anything available in the market today. And secret. Top secret. Really, really top secret. In fact, I should probably kill all of you just a little bit, just for saying as much as I have.”

Mr. Slackenmore went on to say the new application will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms well before this Christmas season, with an MSRP of $279.95.

In order to remain compliant with US™ Trademark and Copyright laws, the software user must supply a licensed copy of the TV episode to be revised, and the finished re-visioning may only be viewed from within the application.


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