‘Silence of the Lambs: The Musical!’ Hits Broadway

silence-of-the-lambs-the-musicalNew York, NY:

Opening this weekend on Broadway, is the much-anticipated musical adaptation of the best-selling thriller book The Silence of the Lambs™ (and movie of the same name), ‘Silence of The Lambs: The Musical!’.

Penned by the team of Wilson Blumacher and Penelope Slogsruud, this musical romp through the twisted mind of a psychotic serial killer includes many whimsical tunes such as ‘Wrapped Up in You‘ and ‘Loosen That Knot, Please?

According to Milton Flenkel, drama critic for The Schawumpta Tribune Express Weekly, the production is: “Lighter fare, easily digestible. You’re going to leave the theater feeling satisfied and whistling a happy tune.”

Depending on the success of the initial production, an off-Broadway dinner theater tour is tentatively planned for 2018.


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