Axl Rose Out, Miley Cyrus In as AC/DC Frontman

cyrus-fronts-acdcBeverly Hills, CA:

Citing ‘scheduling conflicts‘, hair band icon Axl Rose has stepped down as frontman for the equally iconic band AC/DC, according to the band’s publicist Harvey ‘Snapple’ Albright. That announcement was immediately followed by the surprising choice for his replacement: pop-star Miley Cyrus.

Mr. Albright’s announcement was brief, and focused on the band’s plans for a 2018 concert tour. Mr. Albright also admitted the new line-up was a radical change, perhaps the most radical in the Australian band’s 44 year history.

“Well, we do have adjustments to make obviously, on both sides. We’re having a bit of a challenge getting Miley to up her smoking game. We figure she’s gotta hit three packs a day over the next three months, to get that signature sound this band was built on. It’s a struggle for her but she’s a real trooper, that one is.”

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