Liti-Date Transforms Romance into the Contractual Agreement It was Always Meant to Be

liti-dateLos Angeles, CA:

The boutique law office of Fleegle, O’Malley and Ashad, SC will soon be introducing a heavily copyrighted suite of customizable legal documents, collectively called The Liti-Date Series, designed exclusively for the dating world.

Sporting the catchphrase of “We put the ‘Court‘ back in courtship!“, a sampling of the extensive line of legal documents were displayed by Senior Partner Sandra O’Malley during a launch party at the law firm’s offices in downtown Los Angeles. And our own Flying Car News Team was there.

“We looked at the utterly chaotic, anarchist dating scene, both in the real world and fly-over country, and we knew something had to be done,” Ms O’Malley said. “And here at Fleegle, O’Malley and Ashad we had the team¬† to do just that. Something, that is. A something to address this basic, yet woefully under-actionable, aspect of life. And to ensure that stewardship of this keystone activity remain in the most capable hands. Namely, ours.”

“We started out nearly a decade ago doing Pre-Nups. But let’s face it, that’s not the biggest market in the world, right? But that experience proved invaluable. We leveraged our knowledge into legal documents covering everything from the first date to the likely eventual breakup. But this is not boilerplate, by a long-shot! Upon purchase, each contract is custom tailored to the personal needs of the courting parties, by one of our highly trained relationship specialists.. All of the aspects of courtship and dating processes are covered. From the basics of ‘Who picks up the check’ to clearly delineated expectations regarding affection, sex, expected level of monogamy and whatnot. We’ve successfully taken all of the potential danger, fear and emotion out of this most primal of human drives.”

The new legal service will be available at select law offices and most Walmart locations across the nation starting December 1, 2017. Pricing will range from $79.95 to $5,996.99, depending on the level of consultation and customization desired.

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