After Facebook Rolls Out ‘Political Content Filter’, Users Complain Timelines are now Completely Empty

facebook-political-filterMenlo Park, CA:

Users across the globe are loudly complaining just hours after social media gargantuan Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) rolled out their much-rumored-about ‘political content filter‘ to a randomly selected group of users this Friday morning. Reports of timelines being completely blank, save for advertising content, has been pouring into news-desks worldwide in a constant flow.

“Ya this is pretty lame, yanno?” social media fan Melvin ‘Melvin’ Schotriblett opined to our own Flying Car News Team, from his traditional lunchtime seat at the Beer’n’Steer in downtown Shawumpta, WI. “Even a group I moderate, ‘80’s Bobble-head Figurine Collectors‘ is ghost town. Guess I need to pay more attention to the comment threads there.”

Facebook VP of Subscriber Aggression Issues, Nataline Curosmo, read a brief statement at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters earlier today.  “Facebook always has our users needs and wants as Priority One, and we remain committed to that goal.” she read. “And to that end, our reseach team is working feverishly to complete our AI powered Safe Content Generator, which will soon be filling timelines with entertaining yet completely uncontroversial computer generated content for our users enjoyment. We thank you, the user, for your patience and understanding.”


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