A Small Dream

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope something I wrote brought you a bit of laughter. If not, well, check back in a week. I do try to mix it up.

I’d also like to ask your help in reaching a dream of mine. It’s a pretty small dream, as dreams go.

I want to get back to being self-sufficient, and live a (relatively) stress free, uncomplicated life. Not rich, no mansion, just a small space I call home with the necessities and the small amount of treasured items that have meaning to me.

And a cat. Definitely, a cat.

A combination of many factors:

  • well-intentioned but bad financial choices I made in the past few years,
  • the loss of a most loved one,
  • the disappearance (due to changing economics no one person can control) of a job that may not have paid the most, but was the best job I ever had,
  • age and health issues (a recent heart attack and congestive heart failure) preventing me from finding meaningful employment

have all merged into a “perfect storm” that leaves me in a crumbling old house that I can’t afford but also can’t leave, waking up nearly each day to find yet another new chain added around my neck.

I don’t want to be a charity case. I also definitely don’t want to become a dependent of The State. For the foreseeable future, this website is my best chance to earn a living, and provide something of value in return.

So I ask you. If you found something enjoyable here, please consider subscribing as a Patron, for just one dollar a month.


Thank you for reading,

John Acheson


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